Fire Compartmentation Survey JM Passive Fire Protection

Fire Compartmentation Protect Survey

Fire Compartmentation Survey JM Passive Fire ProtectionThe purpose of a fire compartmentation survey is to visually inspect all compartment walls and floors including within services risers, both above ceilings and beneath raised floors (where existing) and along corridors in the areas of the building identified on the fire strategy drawings and report on their current condition.


We will then assess the integrity of all fire-resistant elements in line with the criteria provided by the client.


A written report is then produced which will include representative photographs, advising on typical instances of non-compliance and areas of any special consideration. The report will include an itemised schedule numerically coded to the marked-up drawings indicating each item of non-compliance with an accompanying photograph where possible.


All of our surveys are recorded electronically on both our Bolster system and Hilti CFS-DM system for accurate identification and recording of all areas.

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