Structural Steelwork Protection

Current regulations require certain elements of the building structure to have fire resistance. Fire resistance testing on structural steel members have shown, that by incorporating a proprietary fire protection system, the ability of the structure to resist fire will be greatly enhanced dependent upon the particular system chosen.


Boarded Fire Protection Systems

Materials we use

  • Glasroc F board encasement
  • Beam Clad
  • Fire line board
  • P250
  • Intumescent Paint

Boarded fire protection systems offer a non-combustible and cost efficient method of providing up to 240 minutes fire protection to structural steelwork. As the original means of affording structural fire protection, this method has seen major developments in the types of boards available today.Boarded fire protection systems can be durable, resistant to water and beneficial to acoustic performance. Certain fire boarded systems are able to accept decorative applications, such as paint or plaster, providing an aesthetic finish without the need for further preparation.


Intumescent paint is used in buildings as a passive fire protection measure. The purpose of
intumescent paint is that it expands significantly when exposed to high temperatures. Its
key feature is that the paint is inert at low temperature but provides insulation as a result
of a complex chemical reactions. The reactions take place at temperatures of about 200-
250 Celsius. By the paint expanding, it protects the steel acting as an insulator to the steel
preventing damage and deformation.

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